Here on the walls of The War Hall I will set the stage for my works to come. My main focus is to build a fan base for my upcoming action-adventure, sic-fi novel. I will post short stories and art related to the novel to give my readers a taste of what to expect. This is to be a place of creativity, honor and respect where all can come to enjoy good reads, awesome art and discuss openly with one another.

The Era of War

On a young, unexplored world of unimaginable size, great beings clash in an epic struggle for survival. With the rising sun of a new day, a new era begins as heroes are born into the world who will set in motion a chain of events that will shape the future yet to come. Surrounded in conflict they face the terrors of a ravaged land as mighty civilizations wage endless wars against one another. All the while, Great forces of unimaginable power prepare for battle, one that will shake the world to its core and stain the land red with blood. The young princes  must learn to thrive in the beautiful yet utterly hostile wilds in which they live as they take on the many challenges down the road to becoming warriors. Forests, jungles, deserts and tundras on epic scales remain unexplored, waiting for adventurers strong and brave enough to face natures tests.  For the secrets they hold could change the fate of the world and all those within it.


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