Mok Roven va! Welcome brothers and sisters!

Welcome everyone to The War Hall! This marks the beginning of a long and trying journey as it shall be here that I lay the cornerstone of a grand fortress that is my life’s work, for all the public to see. Though my main focus will be to build an audience for my upcoming action-adventure, sci-fi book and its associated art, I will also make posts on other unrelated philosophical and scientific matters as the muse takes me. But nonetheless, I will focus on short stories filled with adventure, brutal action (be forewarned, I have a reputation for creating very harsh and realistic scenes with vivid imagery) elements of drama, comedy and in some cases (not too often, but it does happen) romance.
Now, I may or may not post scenes directly from my book, but either way the stories I do produce will be related in the respect of style and atmosphere. I would really like to give you, the public, an idea of what is to come without giving away too much. I am eager to share my work with you all and to hear your input and suggestions. For who are we artists if not for those who appreciate our work?
Please note that at the moment I am quite busy, so I will post as often as I can but there may be a gap between now and when I am able to display some pictures. However, in the meantime there will be plenty to read and discuss, so enjoy your visits and bear with me. As time goes on and I build a stronger fan base I will focus more time on the production of my works, but for now, as I am sure we can all understand, there are other obligations as well.
So in saying all that, please, feel free to speak your mind as long as you are respectful, constructive and stick to the topic at hand. I wish this to be a place of creativity, honesty, respect, honor and ideals. Here on the walls of the great War Hall we will record the deeds of heroes for all future generations to gaze upon in awe at their magnificence. For as much as it is my life’s work, together we shall embark on this great journey and with teeth barred and sword in hand we will fight our way through the storms to come.
Without any further delay, let’s march off to meet the enemy and face our fears. For a new world awaits its heroes with much to explore and conquer. Let their names and deeds ring throughout The War Hall! For Canatheria!